Pick up from your hotel in Balikpapan for the 3 hour road trip to Samboja Lestari.
 On the way is the forest park of Bukit Bangkirai with its high canopy walk. Visitors can take short forest walks and climbing into the forest canopy using connecting bridges to a height of 40 meters. Platforms provide perfect vantage points for observing macaques, leaf monkeys, maroon langurs, gibbons and hornbills.

After enjoying this experience, we continue by car to Samboja Lestari and check in to your beautiful room at the Lodge. Enjoy lunch at the terrace restaurant. Afternoon stroll to the nearby orangutan and sunbear sanctuaries and learn more about the work of this active foundation in the rescue and rehabilitation of these animals. Dinner at the restaurant and later take a night walk through the forest nearby.

Overnight in the Lodge.


Guided walks along the nearby Nature Trail follows a forest path 2 km in and out again from the Samboja Lodge (total 4 km). In order to ensure optimum wildlife viewing, the day begins at 7.30 am. There are a number of other animal species in Samboja Lestari that have returned to this regenerating forest. Some of the animals you might spot on guided walks early morning and late afternoon through our Nature Trail are: birds, lizards and snakes (blood pythons), small mammals (deer and pigs) and many amazing insects (walking sticks, beautiful butterflies, millipedes etc.). You might even spot wild primates newly arrived to the area such as gibbons, macaques (2 species), and proboscis and red leaf monkeys.

Visit again to the orangutan islands and sun bears on site.

Mid-afternoon take a 30 minute drive from Samboja Lestari for a boat ride along the Sungai Hitam tidal river as dusk falls to see highly endangered Proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Local fisherman will guide you on this tidal river, and gain a monthly income for their services.Do not forget to bring your camera to document wildlife observed and binoculars will be provided upon request at the front desk.

Return for dinner and overnight at the Lodge


Check out and transfer back to Balikpapan. Tour ends.