A land of spirits and mysticism with a headhunting past, discover how the Dayaks close relationship with the forest has defined and shaped their fascinating culture. WOW Borneo aims to faciltiate interactive participation enabling our guests to get to know their Dayak hosts’ culture and way of life.

Dayak Cultural And Longhouse Tour Malahoi Longhouse 3D2N

We recommend staying at least 2 days to get the most out this most interesting location, to learn more about the Dayak Culture, famous for its mysterious spirit world and ancestral bone houses used during their elaborate funeral ceremonies. Discover about their head hunting past and why they lived in Longhouses

1 Day Trekking Sebangau National Park Tour

Meet at Palangka Raya airport or hotel and transfer by car to Kereng port to start your journey by motorized canoe across the black water Lake Sebangau. Entering the small Koran River, we slowly pass through the dense Nipa Forest labyrinthe to the trekking trail.

Dayak Cultural and Longhouse Tour Manggu Longhouse 2D1N

Early morning transfer to cars for the 3 hour journey to Tumbang Manggu, a traditional longhouse located close to the Samba River in the north of Central Kalimantan. Centre of Kaharigan or the traditional Dayak religion, we  will see the remarkably decorated bonehouses of the local people and learn about their ancient culture and beliefs.

7 day Kahayan River Tour – Jungle River Cruise & Longhouse

This tour combines a river cruise journey along the Kahayan and Rungan Rivers, with an experience of Dayak culture in traditional villages on the Katingan River. After an amazing journey along forested rivers, seeing orangutans on islands managed by the BOS Foundation, we travel to the hinterland to Tumbang Manggu, to learn something of Dayak history, religion, livelihoods and everyday communal life of the longhouse.