river cruise

A private charter on the Spirit of Kalimantan

The Spirit of Kalimantan charter boat cruises the Rungan and Kahayan Rivers, The forested riversides and winding course of the river, create many islands, lakes and waterways. Some of these islands are pre-release refuges for rehabilitated orang-utans from the BOSF program, which guests on board can see as we cruise along. Air conditioned cabins, comfortable screened saloon lounge, open air deck with easy chairs and roof top terrace is comfortably furnished for up to 8 passengers. Food is freshly prepared on board and served in the saloon. Relax and watch the scenery slip past. We stop at villages and have some short walks and canoe rides to break up the day!



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A Walk in the Sebangau National Park with WOW Borneo

We’re opening a new cruise route on the Katingan River from November 2016. Explore with us the Sebangau National Park, traditional Dayak communities, float over the perfect reflections on black water lakes, watch as the thorny rattan vines are woven into beautiful mats, all accessible from the Katingan River and our adventurous little boat, the Ruhui Rahayu. The Sebangau National Park is home to the largest population of wild orang-utans in the world, as well as many other endangered species such as the Malayan sun bear, gibbons, hornbills and the clouded leopard.

Be the first to experience this new route from info@wowborneo.com.

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Rahai’i Pangun

Our cruise boat has a name! On 22 May 2007, as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Central Kalimantan, at a traditional adat ceremony, local Kaharingan spiritual leaders gave the name Rahai’i Pangun to our cruise boat. Called after a mythical boat which widely traded up the rivers of Kalimantan and throughout Asia, it was famous for its ability to travel cross treacherous seas. Still under construction, the boat will be ready for its first tourists in September.

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