Although only 200 meters in height, climbing Tangkiling Hill can be challenging for the unfit as the pathway leads up and up and up stairways and finally over slippery gravel to the pinnacle. A huge boulder perched on top is another short vertical climb. But the view is worth the effort!  Looking directly to the eastern sky, over a vast landscape of lowland peat forests, the top of Tangkiling Hill is a perfect vantage point to do this. A full 360 degrees view is possible if you conquer the top boulder and stand beside the monument, but for most the open grassy patch has the perfect aspect.

Here’s our guide, Rinni, delighted with her early morning hike

Tangkiling Hill, the most prominent of a small range of seven hills to the north of Palangka Raya, sits behind the little riverside village of Tangkiling, taking around 30 minutes to conquer. An optional descent is using simpler natural pathways directly down to the

Dayak traditional spiritual site of Batu Banama.

The Rungan River in the early morning mists, curling through the lowland forests

The Dayak elder, guardian of the Batu Banama, is happy to talk about the significance of the huge boulder and the small patahu or spirit houses sheltering beside it.

Join us on a climb to the top of Tangkiling Hill, and learn lots about
Dayak mystical beliefs along the way!

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