Spectacular and Little Known Gagu Longhouse

Tumbang Gagu Longhouse was founded in 1870 using the traditional Dayak method of releasing a chicken and seeing where it roosts.

Brilliant River Spectacle in Isen Mulang Dayak Cultural Festival

We had picture perfect weather for the decorated boats, Jukung Hias, competition on 20 May.

A Tiwah in Bangkal – Dayak Gotong Royong

The Tiwah marks the passing of elders in a traditional Dayak village. It is an occasion for everyone to join in the preparations, etc…

WOW Borneo! says Gabrielle of DestinAsian about Rahai’i Pangun Cruises

Come join us on a cruise. WOW Borneo!

Kalimantan Tour Destinations is re-branding to WOW Borneo – come and join us on our quality, comfortable, relaxing cruises, etc…

Climbing Tangkiling Hill

Although only 200 meters in height, climbing Tangkiling Hill can be challenging for the unfit as the pathway leads up and up and up stairways and etc…

WOW Borneo guests donate money for fire fighting equipment at BOSF Care Centre

Thanks to our guests who donated towards the purchase of fire fighting etc…

Returning Rains

Monsoon rains have arrived washing away the smoke clouds caused by the damaging fires of September and October.

Historic Banjarmasin’s Canals & Padddies

Banjarmasin, long the trading capital of South Kalimantan, sits astride the deltas of the Barito and Martapura Rivers. Canals were once the only highways, etc…

El Nino intensifies the dry season in 2015

Normally Kalimantan experiences a musim kamarau or dry season in August, September and October. In recent years this pattern has varied. This year, etc…

A Tiwah at Tewang Rangas during the final three days

Helping departed family members reach the highest place in heaven is what the tiwahceremony enables in Dayak mythology.

The forest is flooded again!

In October and November the rains came again, over flowing the river banks and flooding into the ox bow lakes and the forests.

Dry Season – August to September 2014

Normally Kalimantan experiences a musim kamarau or dry season in August and September.

Gunung Palung National Park

Cloaked in a gossamer wisps of cloud, Mount Palung rises above the brilliant flash of rice paddies.