Wow Borneo's "Kalimantan Tour Destinations"   offers unique Overland Tours journeys  to numerous Borneo and beyond encounters. We provide our  experienced guides to accompany you to traditional longhouses where overnights stays provide a first hand experience of the Dayak culture and an intimate glimpse of daily life.  Further afield we work with trusted travel operators to provide across Borneo Encounters to the distant Derawan islands to explore underwater depths or to further islands beyond  Kalimantan's shores across  the Indonesian archipelago to see the fascinating iconic Komodo dragon. Combine these with a River Cruise to get the ultimate Borneo Encounter.

  • Orangutans and nature

    Kalimantan Tour Destinations offer orangutan tours in Indonesian Borneo that provide a  balance between wildlife, flora and fauna and the fascinating Dayak culture. Spot orangutans in their wild natural habitat, learn about the struggle of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s to save this  magnificent creature and  the human and cultural aspect. Below are  Itineraries describing a range of 8 orang utans and nature tours located in Palangkaraya and Tanjungputing National Park,  from one day to weekends to even longer.

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    Orangutans and nature

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  • 14 Day Dive Islands, River Boats, and Orangutans of Kalimantan

    Explore across  Kalimantan, Indonesia's Borneo, where rivers remain the natural highways. Visit Tanjung Putting National Park and see the majestic orangutans

    Relax on a jungle river journey on the Rungan River, passing by Orangutan islands and on to traditional Dayak village only accessible by river. Experience the wonderful pace of riverside life by living on board traditional boats converted to provide comfortable cabins, bathrooms and delicious gourmet food.

    Visit Banjarmasin and the famous floating market, fly to Balikpapan and enjoy the forest canopy on a tree top walk before ending your journey  on the Derawan Islands for world class scuba diving.

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    14 Day Dive Islands, River Boats, and Orangutans of Kalimantan

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  • Longhouse, Culture and Trekking

    Wow Borneo's Kalimantan Tour Destinations, provide interactive  participation enabling our guests  to get to know their Dayak host’s culture and way of life. A land of spirits and mysticism and a headhunting past, discover how the Dayaks  close relationship with the forest has defined and shaped their fascinating culture.

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    Longhouse, Culture and Trekking

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  • Orangutan & Komodo Tour

    Indonesia's amazing archipelego offers two of the world's iconic creatures, the Orangutan and the Komodo dragon. This six day trip of a lifetime takes you from the jungles of Kalimantan to the dry shores of the Komodo islands.

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    Orangutan & Komodo Tour

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  • Tailor Made Tours

    Let us design your own special tour, based on your particular interests and schedule. Tell us what kind of experience or special interest you are looking for and leave the rest to us! 

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    Tailor Made Tours

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  • Special Events

    Special Events features annual or one off unique events such as the Annual Isen Mulang Festival a  unique and colourful traditional sports events . Watch whimsically decorated boats cruise down river with dancers and extravagant decoration, watch blowpipe and fireball competitions, listen to the traditional singing and dancing and enjoy the food and cooking demonstrations.

    Alternatively look out for our photographic, culinary or yoga trips, click here for more information on the latest postings.

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    Special Events

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  • J.J Wallia - San Fransisco, Calfiornia

    This tour was one of the best vacation and wildlife experiences I have had (and I have seen pretty much everything in Africa). Despite all it has to offer, Kalimantan is a tough place to vacation in so I was not expecting much. However, I was blown away by this trip.

  • Sue Hewett (21-24 December 2012)

    This cruise was everything we'd dreamed and more. The boat is very comfortable, the crew efficient and courteous and the food delicious!  The guide couldn't have been better - fun, passionate, thoughtful, knowledgeable and great company!

  • Renee Dugan (America)

    Thank you again for taking such great care of all of us during our recent visit to Kalimantan. You and the crew were so professional, kind, generous and fun. Our group really enjoyed getting to know you, eating the delicious food presented to us each day, and relaxing on your boat. 

  • Sue & Werner Ebert (Australia)

     The river cruise was beyond awesome. We had a great crowd on the boat. We had fantastic food and nothing was seen as too hard to do for us from all the crew.

  • Mettlijs Borte, Holland

    Thank you very much for an unforgettable jungle experience. The long boat journey through the flooded jungle was great. The food was excellent as well.

  • Mardiah Gleeson, USA

    It was so moving to visit the two villages. Kanarakhan and Gaung Baru were memorable in their exchange of culture with us.

  • Robin, England

    To all on the Rahai'i Pangun, thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Central Kalimantan over a fantastic few days. Loved the boat, loved the concept, loved the food - and the company was pretty great too!

  • Nakashima Family, Japan

    This Jungle River Cruise gave us a great present! The river and time pass slowly on the boat. Not only orangutans and jungle but also the people, especially the children of the village moved us so much. I was impressed!

  • Kathy and Jacques, Switzerland

    We had a wonderful 3 days and 2 nights on the beautiful Rahai'i Pangun. The whole crew looked after us every minute with great food, cool drinks and all the comforts to make our trip memorable. Thanks to Lorna, Sayful, Suryadi, Patirwin, Anto, Ujeng and Ready!

  • Exciting Trip To WoW borneo

    Last week WOW Borneo (KTD) arranged our trip and accompanied by our wonderful Dayak guide Dodi (and ’trainee’ guide Jonathan) we travelled upto see the long house (*betang*) at a little village called Tumbang Gagu, right up in the headwaters of the Sampit (or Mentaya) River.