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Wow Borneo

WOW Borneo’s aim is to give our guests an intimate encounter with Kalimantan, its forests and wildlife, by working with the local Dayak people to create amazing once in a lifetime holidays.

We do this through our famous cruise journeys. Kalimantan’s rivers remain the best way to travel through the forested landscape, and to experience  Borneo’s iconic and endangered orangutan and the fascinating Dayak culture. Our specially guided tours enable you to discover the orangutan in its natural habitat and give you the opportunity to make a difference to their survival through the Borneo Orangutan Survival adoption program.

Our overland tours take you to experience first hand the mystical Dayak culture by staying in longhouses, or visiting the Derawan islands to explore the hidden depths beneath the sea, or to go beyond Kalimantan’s shores to the islands of the great monitor lizard, the Komodo dragon.

Wow Cruises

WOW Borneo’s Rahai’i Pangun luxurious cruise boats take you through beautiful  forest lined rivers to discover wildlife and Dayak culture. Our specially guided tours pass orangutan pre-release islands enabling you to learn about and observe the iconic orangutan in their natural habitat after being rescued and rehabilitated as part of the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation’s program.

Wow Tours

WOW Borneo offers overland tours and journeys across Kalimantan. Our  experienced guides accompany you to traditional longhouses for a first hand experience of the Dayak culture, or an overnight stay in the Sebangau National Park, refuge of wild orangutans. With trusted partner operators, we also go to the distant Derawan islands to explore underwater depths and the the famed Tanjung Puting National Park.

Our Boats

Join in Cruises

Wow Borneo’s luxurious Rahai’i Pangun 2 takes you on specially guided cruises to river islands, enabling you to observe iconic orangutans in their natural habitat. With only 6 cabins, our cruise holidays offer comfortable accommodation, delicious food created from local ingredients and great service. Easily accessible from Jakarta International Airport, its an exclusive experience away from the crowds.


Private Charter

Wow Borneo’s Private Charter Cruise boats, the Spirit of Kalimantan and the Ruhui Rahayu, are the perfect way to live on board comfortable boats, cruising forest lined rivers to spot orangutans. A great way to relax, spend quality time with family, enjoy fabulous cuisine, visit villages along the river and get to know the Dayak culture. Experience the perfect River Boat holiday in exotic Borneo.

WOW Borneo Corporate Responsibility and Low Cost Cruises

Our original Rahai’i Pangun is working with local NGOs and volunteers dedicated to conserving our environment as an educational and health services boat, bringing classes and meetings as well as innovative performance and other outreach programs to the riverside village children and their parents. It is also available for weekend low-cost cruises with simple deck sleeping.

WOW Borneo News

WOW Borneo guests donate money for fire fighting equipment at BOSF Care Centre

Thanks to our guests who donated towards the purchase of fire fighting equipment to protect  Orangutans from wild fires endangering the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s Care Centre in October. Money donated has purchased proper equipment for fire fighters and will continue to assist with the installation of forest bore wells.

Returning Rains

Monsoon rains have arrived washing away the smoke clouds caused by the damaging fires of September and October.With the beautiful blue skies returning, we ran our first cruise on the Ruhui Rahayu, our small private charter boat. The cruise went well and the guests were very happy. Importantly our river routes have been untouched by the fires. We look forward to welcoming back more guests to this beautiful part of the world.