Kalimantan Tour Destinations (KTD) unique cruise boats take you along meandering jungle lined rivers, passing islands with orang utans visible in the trees and the briliant splashes of kites, hornbills and kingfishers overhead. Further upstream visit villages and meet the inhabitants dependent on the jungle and the river for their livelihoods.


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January 2nd 2014

Indonesia's Leading Cruise Operator 2013/14

Hard to believe that it was only 7 years ago that my business partner, Lorna Dowson-Collins, and myself, Gaye Thavisin, first started dreaming about... December 17th 2013

Better Than Bali

Camera enthusiasts in David Metcalf's visiting photographic tour exclaimed "Our experience here has been better than Bali!" Cruising... July 3rd 2012

The Rahai'i Pangun Rescues an Abandoned Infant Orangutan

  A tired and hungry infant orangutan was spotted hanging from the branch of a tree by guests on a Jungle River Cruise on 2 March last year....


It was the trip of a lifetime!

Khalid al-Khudayri
This tour was one of the best vacation and wildlife experiences I have had (and I have seen pretty much everything in Africa). Despite all it has to...

J.J Wallia - San Fransisco, Calfiornia
Thank you again for taking such great care of all of us during our recent visit to Kalimantan. You and the crew were so professional, kind, generous...

Renee Dugan (America)